10 Horror Movie Deaths That Could Have Been Avoided

The deaths that had you screaming "DON'T DO THAT!' at the screen.

A Quiet Place
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Screaming at your TV screen is no alien concept to a horror fan. We scream at the scary, we scream at the delightfully good, and we scream at the horrifically bad.

But every now and then, a horror movie comes along that really makes you question the actions of the characters within them.

Now, don’t get it twisted, character deaths are very much a staple of the horror genre and ultimately are what make most horror fans tick, but there simply are some movies that make you want to scream “WHY DID YOU DO THAT” to your screen!

10. Phil, Hutch and Dom – The Ritual

The Ritual Rafe Spall

This 2017 low-budget folk horror sees best friends Phil, Hutch Dom and Luke all begin an expedition hike in the Swedish mountains to honor their late friend, Rob.

However, shortly after the beginning of their hike, Dom sprains his ankle making him unable to complete the hike properly. Hutch suggests the group take a shortcut through the dense, ominous Swedish forest in order to arrive to their chalet sooner so that Dom can receive medical attention.

As is the way in horror movies, this one fatal mistake of taking a shortcut through the forest results in the entire group, minus Luke, being brutally murdered one by one as sacrifices to the Norse God, Jotunn.

This slow burning indie horror really sends home the idea of not straying from the path that you know is safest, as you might end up as Christmas tree decorations for an immortal, centuries old Norse God.


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