10 Horror Movie Deaths That Could Have Been Avoided

9. Beau – A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place (2018) - Beau
Paramount Pictures

A surprisingly delightful horror/thriller that soon became a fan favourite among all kind of cinema-goers alike, this John Krasinski directorial debut brings the audience face to face with a type of monster that hunts based purely off of sound.

in the opening we meet parents Evelyn and Lee, as well as their three children Regan, Marcus and Beau whom all communicate in American Sign Language to avoid making any sound.

After going to an abandoned Superstore to load up with supplies, the Abbot’s 4-year-old Beau becomes intrigued by a space shuttle toy. His father Lee notices before it can make any sound, and removes it from Beau’s possession and removes its batteries. Several moments later we see Regan return the toy to Beau, undermining her father’s wishes and becoming partly to blame for Beau’s death.

Of course, this prompts Beau to put the batteries back into the toy after the family have left the store, and he attracts the attention of the monsters, leaving him to unfortunately become the next victim of these illusive creatures. Had Regan not undermined her father’s wishes, and had the batteries not been left in such close proximity to the infant, Beau’s death could have easily been avoided.


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