10 Horror Movie Deaths You Were Totally Rooting For

Don’t feel bad, we were all routing for these horror deaths!

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Horror movies and deaths go hand in hand. Like summer and ice-cream, winter and hot chocolate, autumn and pumpkins and spring and erm... spring rolls?

Anyway, for years, fans of horror have gone to the theatre to watch famous actors get torn to shreds in glorious HD, whether it be by spooky spirits, unseen alien life forms or your plain ol' psycho-killer. It's a necessary component of the horror genre and it won't soon be taken from it!

The brilliant thing about horror movie deaths is that they can come in all shapes and sizes. You have devastating animal deaths (something so horrid there is an entire website dedicated to pre-warning people of them), your shocking first act kills or your so-gory-you-have-to-watch-through-your-fingers mutilations.

There are the ones you spend all movie crossing your fingers never come, and then on the opposite end, there are the deaths you spend the whole time wishing for. Don't lie, we've all done it!

Maybe the character has gotten on your last nerve with their complete lack of awareness of their situation; like the teens in every Friday film. Or it could be because they're too whiny, too obnoxious, or just so darn evil even the most avid slasher-villain fans can't root for them!

Whatever it may be, there are just some deaths the movie gives you no choice but to want!

10. The School Bullies - Carrie

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This first entry is pretty self explanatory. Not only is the story of Carrie so well known at this point, but it also follows all the classic beats of a woman scorned story.

If you’ve ever been bullied, you have at some point wished for them to get their comeuppance. And while hopefully you don’t mean death by that, that is the beauty of film! These people aren’t real, and so you can relish in the deaths of these caricatures… right?

And when you think of a typical school bully, you probably think of the bully archetype that the movie Carrie made popular. Pretty, cool, popular girls that are dating beautiful men and look down on the rest of their peers.

Carrie is one of these vulnerable peers. She’s quiet and strange looking, her mum is a devout Christian who is infamous in the town as being crazy, and she’s completely sheltered from the experience her schoolmates are going though. So when Carrie starts her period in the middle of a school day, with no idea of what’s happening, the school bullies are immediately enthusiastic about ridiculing the girl for her naivety.

Little did the bullies know that that day would be the start of Carrie’s telekinetic powers.

But Carrie doesn’t use her powers to make them pay… yet.

It is not until the night of her prom, on stage in front of her entire year, covered in pig's blood, that it's finally time to make those bullies pay. And boy do they pay.

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