10 Horror Movie Deleted Scenes We Desperately Need To See

The censored skewerings, missing reels, and slasher scenes that weren't meant to be...


Let’s face it: A lot of deleted scenes belong in the bin where they end up.

No, studio executives aren't always geniuses, but anyone who has sat through a set of interminably talky action-free vignettes as a DVD "special" feature is likely to leave thinking two things. One, the format deserved to die in favour of streaming, and two, most deleted scenes consist of some arbitrary exposition which was sliced out for slowing down the all important momentum of the movie and providing nothing of note.

But every once in a while, over-zealous censors or a meddling studio will cut a sequence which was pure gold.

Particularly in the horror genre, where censors are infamously snip-happy and studios are happy to chop out any clever, subtle scares which don't act as obvious crowd pleasers, so the more delicately realized version of a director's vision can often times end up littering the floor of some editor's suite.

Thus viewers who love the genre are left with lists like this, providing an in-depth run-down of ten choice deleted scenes which horror fans the world over would give a limb to see, and which could have changed horror history.


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