10 Horror Movie Deleted Scenes We Desperately Need To See

9. Psycho – A More Explicit Cut

My Bloody Valentine 3D
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Probably the most iconic flick on this list, suspense cinema legend Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho provided the blueprint for slasher cinema before the sub-genre was even invented, and is one of precious few horror films to receive critical adulation and an undisputed place in the canon in the decades since its 1960 release.

However, whilst the flick's enduring influence is undeniable, it's important to note that the film did earn the ire of censors upon release for showing (shock horror) a toilet onscreen in one scene. Fellow slasher influencer Peeping Tom came into trouble with censors too, and as a result some reports maintain that Hitchcock's masterpiece was cut down to avoid angering the moral guardians in the same way.

Legend has it there’s a missing cut of the movie which features a gorier stabbing scene for Arbogast, the detective searching for our doomed faux-protagonist Marion Crane, as well as a scene where Norman hides his body, a Hitchcock cameo, and even an extended, more explicit version of the infamous shower scene.


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