10 Horror Movie Deleted Scenes We Desperately Need To See

7. Nightmare On Elm Street 4– Freddy Lends Kirsten A Hand

My Bloody Valentine 3D
New Line Cinema

Released in 1988, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master was always going to have a tough time following its impressive return-to-form predecessor, Dream Warriors, which is typically singled out as the franchise's high point by fans.

The fourth instalment of the dream demon saga, however, is heralded by many slasher fans as the beginning of the end for the once beloved series. Here's where the tone grows gradually more comedic and outlandish, with this flick's light-hearted approach poisoning the well for future instalments.

But you’d never know that from the terrifying lost sequence wherein our heroine Kristen runs from Freddy, dreaming she’s in his hallway and his razor talon-ed hand is repeatedly bursting forth through the wall beside her, before waking up via a cigarette burn.

It's a chilling scene many horror viewers wish they could have seen, but lest it seem like the fourth flick was a near-miss classic, it should be noted that another moment cut from this one for music copyright saw Freddy imitating the stars of TV's Miami Vice through a pair of sunnies.


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