10 Horror Movie Douchebags We Love To Hate

These unlucky dudes all have one thing in common...

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Scary movies can make us laugh, make us cry, get us invested in character development with an ever-looming threat and of course, scare the living daylights out of us. The aim of every horror picture is to have us yelling at the screen and rooting for those in peril.

Horror having that repeatability factor of striking so many familiar cords, it's also unavoidable that there are going to be some characters we just... don't like.

Whether written that way or rendered grating through a conscious acting choice, it's unfortunately inevitable.

Whilst it's undeniable that all characters can be hateful or unlikable and grating regardless of gender, for this list we'll be focusing specifically on the men of horror cinema that REALLY made the wrong impression with audiences.

10. Tyrell Martin - I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

American Psycho Patrick Bateman 1280 x 720
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Starting off this list is the one character with any spark of personality in this hastily released and quite bland sequel.

1998's I Still Know What You Did Last Summer picks up exactly one year later and sees surviving final girl Julie jet off to the Bahamas with her college friends. Unfortunately her old hook slinging foe has followed and bloodshed ensues.

As mentioned, Mekhi Phifer's Tyrell is the one character in this questionable follow up that sparks any reaction from the viewer. Even our returning cast seem one-note and, well, rather dull.

But Phifer's sex-driven, perpetually pissed off Tyrell Martin leaves the viewer grinding their teeth in frustration every time he is on-screen. When this bumbling tough guy doesn't get what he wants, he sulks, he swears and he pouts.

Constantly rude to others and cuttingly dismissive of the bodies falling all around them, it is a treat to see Phifer finally silenced with a hook through the throat as he selfishly complains that he's "tired, hungry and horny..."

How absolutely charming...


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