10 Horror Movie Franchises That Never Seem To End

Good or bad, true horror never dies.


Horror movies are great. For audiences, they scare and entertain millions across the world, providing us countless haunted memories to share with one another. For the producers who make them, they tend to make a lot of money from very small budgets. It's a win-win for creator and consumer alike... most of the time.

Sometimes horror movies are like Gremlins. The first one you see is cute and cuddly, but splash them with a little cash and you've spawned a franchise. Continue to feed that franchise, and it'll evolve into something monstrous, usually an unstoppable merchandise machine (we're looking at you Freddy!) that will not stop until it's consumed every waking hour of your day.

Before you know it, you're ten films deep into a series that you only wanted to rent one night to see what it was like. I mean, once you've watched one, you have to watch the rest right? RIGHT?

Well, with the world currently circling the drain and with many of us with spare time to burn, why not check out these seemingly never ending horror movie franchises to slay away the day.

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