10 Horror Movie Idiots Who Made Simple Solutions Look IMPOSSIBLE

These horror movie characters over-complicated an easy path to victory.

Evil Dead 2013 Necronomicon Eric
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Movies are generally built around a conflict of some sort, and there would be a lot less films in the world if every character simply did the smart, sensible thing 100% of the time.

It's of course not realistic for this to be the case - people can demonstrate a baffling lack of self-preservation in reality, though sometimes movies make their characters a little too idiotic for their own good.

This is perhaps especially true in the horror genre, which more than any other focuses on victimisation and death, where we typically watch a bunch of victims get hacked up and brutalised one way or another.

But in the case of these 10 horror movie characters, each had a neon-signposted way to save the day and escape their situation, yet instead made it seem like the toughest, most impossible task in the world.

Even accepting that people in panic scenarios often fail to do the right thing, these characters had a clear, laid-out path to an easy victory, but instead massively over-complicated things and perhaps even got themselves killed in the process...

10. Finishing Michael Off - Halloween Kills

Evil Dead 2013 Necronomicon Eric

The ending to Halloween Kills is absolutely infuriating. Despite the movie generally being a hilariously clumsy commentary on the perils of mob mentality, the finale at least seems like it's going to have Haddonfield's lynch mob finally put the brutal boots to Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney).

And to be fair to the gang, they do manage to beat the crap out of Michael, but their big mistake? Not finishing the job right away.

Instead, they stand around for a hot minute while Michael is incapacitated, giving him time to recuperate and - shocker - fight back. Michael starts slaughtering the mob's numbers, and rather than collectively retaliate, they just stand around in turn waiting to be brutalised.

More to the point, didn't some of these people have guns? Why weren't they unloading entire clips into Michael's head when he was down?

Halloween Ends confirmed beyond all doubt that Michael could indeed be killed by conventional weapons, so the mob could've wrapped the whole thing up here if they used even the faintest shred of common sense.

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