10 Horror Movie Protagonists Who Kind Of Deserved To Die

Sorry, not sorry.

Drag Me To Hell
Universal Pictures

A good number of horror films work by having a clearly defined protagonist. Someone who, though not without their flaws, we can easily identify as the hero of the story. That way, when the bloodshed begins we’ve got a character whose survival we’re rooting for and invested in until the end.

Other horror protagonists, however, can leave you questioning whether the villain that offed them maybe had a point.

Sometimes it’s because a character is so entrenched in their own sheer idiocy it’s like they almost walk willingly into their own bloody fates. It’s hard to feel too bad for someone who, had they employed a little bit of logical thinking, could have easily avoided their deaths.

But often it’s down to a character being so unlikeable that you find yourself cheering on the villain instead and when they finally meet their maker it’s more satisfying than sad.

Sorry guys, but you kind of had it coming.

10. Mike & Heather – The Blair Witch Project

Drag Me To Hell

As ground-breaking as The Blair Witch Project was back when it was released nearly 20 years ago, there’s no denying the majority of its protagonists were a tad challenged in the old likability department.

Poor Josh, who found himself on the receiving end of some impromptu dental work by the titular witch, was kind of bearable but Heather and Mike? Hell, those creepy stick figures had more personality than those two combined.

Film students can be an insufferable bunch at the best of times but Heather and Mike took the proverbial biscuit. From Mike throwing away the group’s map and their only real hope of escaping the Burkittsville woods alongside being a little bitch in general to Heather’s domineering, self-righteous personality and that snotty-nosed, extreme close-up apology scene they’re the kind of characters that have you cheering on the Blair Witch from the start.


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