10 Horror Movie Protagonists Who Kind Of Deserved To Die

9. Eric – Evil Dead

Drag Me To Hell
TriStar Pictures

Let this be a lesson to 20-something vacationers everywhere: should you find that the cellar of the creepy cabin in the woods you’re renting is chock-full of rotting animal corpses and a freaky-looking book wrapped in bin liners and barbed wire it’s probably best to leave it well alone. Just turn around, go home and demand your money back from whoever rented you that hellhole.

Unless you’re Eric, of course, who despite claiming knowledge of witchcraft decides it’s worth a read. Ignoring explicit warnings scrawled all over the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis advising him to quit while he’s ahead and the fact it’s full of gory satanic illustrations and insane rants or – most tellingly – crafted from stitched together human skin, Eric thinks nothing of reading aloud an incantation from its pages.

Later when his friends start showing signs of demonic possession it occurs to him it might just have something to do with his reading from the cursed book. You think, Eric? That’s how you get yourself nail-gunned and crowbarred to death, pet.


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