10 Horror Movie Remakes Coming Out In 2021

Sit back and watch as all your favourite classic horrors morph into brand new monsters...

Warner Bros.

Have you ever found yourself rewatching a beloved classic horror film and thinking, “God, I hope no one ever touches this film - it is perfect as it is!”

Well, that’s too bad because nothing is sacred anymore.

2021 looms ever closer and with it a whole host of horrors morphing and changing form to reveal their new monstrous faces.

If I drop my very on-brand pessimism for a second, I can actually admit that some of these remakes may hold potential for greatness. We’ve got new things coming from huge names in horror, from James Wan to Jordan Peele, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a bit excited about what they have in store for us.

Some unexpected titles are due to make their reappearances, as well as a few horror classics receiving long overdue makeovers.

With some huge names in Hollywood right now attaching their names to these upcoming reboots, they’re guaranteed their fair share of attention once they make it to cinemas.

So, let’s jump into it and take a look at 10 Horror Remakes Coming in 2021.


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