10 Horror Movie Remakes Coming Out In 2021

9. The Children Of The Corn

The Others Poster Nicola Kidman
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Stephen King films are starting to fill up the release calendar for 2021, with Firestarter, Suffer the Little Children and Tommyknockers all rumoured to be coming out next year.

Alongside these new adaptations, though, we are due the remake of the religious horror classic: The Children of the Corn.

In a quiet, rural town in Nebraska, a demon walks amongst the corn-rows unbeknownst to the pious, Christian farmers that tend the crops. That is until one day, one kid decides to indoctrinate all the local children into its demonic cult and subsequently murder all adults in the town.

Yeah... it escalated pretty quickly.

Years later a couple drive through the town and, after hitting a dead kid with their car, decide to have a wonder around the abandoned corn hub, because that’s apparently something that sane people would do.

There’s something especially creepy about demonic, haunted children, and if that’s something you look for in a horror then you’re gonna bloody love this one.

From what we can tell, the remake is going to stick with the same spirit of the original, but not exactly the same plot. The official synopsis makes no mention of a corn-demon or harvest sacrifices, but instead frames the massacre as a revenge tale: the children murder the adults after their irresponsibility causes the crops to fail, ruining the children’s future.

I’m sure they could’ve just had, like, a meeting or something and talked it out, but I guess sometimes the corn gets to your brain and things can get out of hand…


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