10 Horror Movie Secrets Never Meant To Be Found

9. The Xenomorph Skull - Predator 2

The Exorcist Pazuzu

Another sequel now, although one that was viewed much more negatively than Evil Dead's second go around.

Predator 2 followed on from the events of the first movie, transposing the action from the jungle to the streets of Los Angeles. Suppose those are jungles in their own ways.

There comes a scene in the movie where get a look at the Predator's trophy room; an temple to the various kills the titular alien has scored over the years. "Alien" is the operative word in that sentence, as one of the mementos was extremely familiar.

In amongst the various skulls mounted on the walls was a long, cylindrical one that bore a striking resemblance to the Xenomorphs from the Alien series of films. That's because, well, it was a Xenomorph.

Both film series were owned by Fox and both featured design work from special effects legend Stan Winston. So, as a little treat for keen viewers, the crew decided to place the skull in the trophy room.

Unfortunately, by doing this, they did manifest into existence the Alien vs. Predator films several years later.

Big mistake, guys, big mistake.

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