10 Horror Movie Sequels Coming Out In 2021

Take a look at some of the biggest and best sequels hitting your screens next year...

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It seems more and more that the horror genre is shrinking: that we only ever get remakes, reboots and sequels anymore.

There's about a million Paranormal Activity films, countless remakes of anything with Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers, not to mention the overdone tropes that cheapen even otherwise unique films.

What happened to original horror?

We all like to have a moan about the state of the industry but when it comes down to it, it churns out sequels because we love sequels.

No matter what kind of creative moral high-ground we take, we all deep down want to see what happens next in the universe of our favourite horror films and franchises. And in that respect, 2021 is set to be one hell of a year!

Everything from beloved nineties slashers to new, innovative horror ideas will be making their way back on to our screens next year; there's set to be something for everyone.

At some point, we may even get to enjoy a film in a full cinema with no empty safety-seats!

Keeping this optimism in mind, let's take a look at 10 Horror Sequels Coming Out in 2021.

10. Halloween Kills

saw chris rock spiral
Blumhouse Productions

Functioning as a sequel to the 2018 Halloween, we’re continuing to ignore every other Halloween film that happened between 1981 and… well, 2018.

We don’t know anything about the actual plot yet, only that it's touted as the “next thrilling chapter of the Halloween series” as once again Laurie Strode and Michael Myers go head to head. It’ll function as the second part of a trilogy, with the third film in the trio, ‘Halloween Ends,’ set to be released in 2022 - presumably making this film the action-packed midpoint before the franchise is wrapped up the next year.

A short teaser trailer released to mark the changing of the release date seems to hint that the film will depict events directly following where the last one left off.

Familiar faces will include Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak, whilst behind the scenes, John Carpenter, one of the O.G.s from ‘Halloween’ in 1978 who re-joined the party in 2018, has again returned for this next instalment.

Initially the plan was to have this film out and in cinemas by Halloween this year, but because of everything going wrong in the world right now, Universal Pictures unfortunately had to push the release date back to 15 October 2021.


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