10 Horror Movie Sequels That Are Practically Flawless

9. Final Destination 5

Scream 2
Warner Bros.

By the time the fifth Final Destination film rolled around, audiences had grown sick of the franchise's formula. Someone has a premonition, cheats death, then they and their pals are hunted down by the reaper until they too are claimed. Yawn.

But this instalment in the franchise, which was released in 2011, did a lot to re-establish the series as one of horror's juggernauts.

For a start, it brought back Mr. Bludworth from the first two films, an ominous presence that gave Final Destination 5 some much needed chills. Secondly, out were the campy, over-the-top deaths of the old Final Destination, instead replaced with some truly grizzly ends - including someone's face being split open by a wrench.

The film also makes good use of the 3D craze that was sweeping cinema in the early 2010s, something it was rightly praised for.

And finally, the FD5's ending nicely ties it back to the very first Final Destination picture. Without spoiling anything, this is done to perfection and is a neat little reward for those who have followed the films since they started.


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