10 Horror Movie Sequels With ONE Great Scene

These scenes alone justified these horror movie sequels existing.

Hostel 2
Screen Gems

No genre loves sequels quite like horror - you don't necessarily need much of a reason for them to exist beyond printing a ton of money.

If you can string together a few neat kills, some fans will most certainly turn up for it, even if the law of diminishing returns speaks for itself.

It is absolutely fair to say that most horror movie sequels are not good, generally the result of producers eager to make some fast money from a hot property rather than having actual creative inspiration to tell a story.

And there's not really anything wrong with that - horror fans know what they're signing up for where franchises are concerned.

But when you throw enough darts at a dartboard, you're going to hit a bullseye occasionally, and so these horror sequels - which range from completely terrible to pretty decent - feature a single great sequence which blew fans away.

Unsurprisingly most of these scenes are creatively brutal deaths, but whatever their nature, they all featured a spark of creativity and flash of artistry that was rather lacking in the rest of the movie...

10. The Opening Credits - Child's Play 3

Hostel 2

Child's Play 3 was bad enough that it nearly buried the killer doll franchise for good, being panned by critics and grossing barely half of what the previous film did.

Franchise creator and the movie's writer Don Mancini even later admitted that he ran out of ideas while penning the film, and like most fans and critics, it's his least-favourite entry in the entire series.

Though Brad Dourif's spirited performance as Chucky keeps things watchable, this is pretty much a law-of-diminished-returns sequel that rehashes the same core idea with a desperate new setting - a military academy.

This is what happens when you rush a sequel out less than 10 months after the previous one hit cinemas.

But Child's Play 3 at least begins promisingly enough with an all-timer opening titles sequence, which shows Chucky's mutilated body being recovered and its blood being spilled into the vat used to create the Good Guy dolls.

We're then shown offputting close-ups of a doll being formed, mixed with Chucky's blood, before the doll comes to life and screams, "Noooo!"

It's more visually imaginative and interesting than anything else in the movie, by far.

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