10 Horror Movie Sets That Were (Allegedly) Haunted

Horror films can be fun, but what if the truly scary stuff is actually going on behind the scenes?

The Amytyville Horror

Many of us are big horror fans and love nothing more than settling down to a scary movie, yet there is a sense of relief when you turn off the TV, switch on the lights and get back to normal life - to a safer world where there are no killers stalking the halls or demonic entities waiting in the shadows. Should we be so relieved, though, when there are a number of horror movie sets that are said to have been truly haunted?

Rumors have long abounded that several high-profile film productions were affected by the supernatural during and after filming. Despite cynics amongst us who may talk of the publicity machine thriving on such stories, there remains a bulk of dark accounts associated with horror films that refuse to be so easily dismissed.

Whether it's the night-time visits of the demonic to actress Jennifer Carpenter during filming of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, or the real skeletons used during the filming of the '80s classic, Poltergeist, there is more than enough here to give even the most hardened sceptic pause for thought.

10. The Omen (2006)

The Amytyville Horror
20th Century Fox

As you'll find detailed elsewhere in this article, the original Omen is a much-loved classic. However, a remake of this remarkable and disturbing movie was released in 2006. Written by David Seltzer and directed by John Moore, the film didn't (unsurprisingly) quite hit the sweet spot for critics, and it was met with mixed reviews upon release. Still, many horror fans have tuned in to watch it over the years and have enjoyed this fun redo for what it is.

Director Moore said that two days' worth of footage was destroyed when cameras imploded. The digital image that appeared when this happened? "Error 666." Moore called a technician to have a look at the equipment and was perplexed because he claimed that such an error number does not actually exist on the system. While not evidence of much in itself, the devil's number appearing in a malfunction this way was certainly enough to unsettle the filmmaker, who spoke of the story to various reporters.

Whilst the haunting accounts of curses and supernatural interference are forever attached to both productions of The Omen, the subject matter of the film certainly makes it easy to see why any mishaps are suddenly seen in an ominous light.

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