10 Horror Movie Victims Who Got The Best Revenge

They had it coming.

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Roadside Attractions

The horror genre doesn't have regular villains. Instead, the hero usually has to contend against the worst that humanity has to offer. Not only are S.O.B.s like this boundlessly evil, it's sickening when you watch how callous or gleeful they behave while they torture and slaughter their victims.

As difficult as these moments are to watch, it makes it all the more gratifying when these sinister scoundrels get their just desserts. In fact, there are few things more satisfying than watching the hero exact their revenge against a serial killer, rapist, or cannibal.

But every now and again, killing these evildoers isn't enough. In this list, we'll be looking at the baddies who endured such a unbearable and deserving demise, they saw death as a mercy. Sometimes, the antagonist doesn't die but instead, suffers a fate such horrific, they pray every waking moment that someone will put them out of their misery.

Even though it's horrific what these guys went through, don't feel bad for them. After all the evil they committed and the lives they took, they probably deserved a lot worse.

10. Death Proof - Abbie, Jungle Julia & Zoe

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Dimension Films

Stuntman Mike is one of those guys who doesn't have a redeemable bone in his body. We know little about this insidious stunt driver, save for the fact that he gets his jollies murdering women with his "death-proof" automobile.

So, when he sees a bunch of female drivers speeding, he becomes set on killing them. When the women realise what Mike is intending to do, they vow to stop him before he turns any other drivers into roadkill. Even though the girls catch up with him and pummel him with a baseball bat, Mike escapes, cackling triumphantly that he's gotten away scot-free.

Suddenly, the women's car comes out of nowhere and T-bones Mike's vehicle, totalling it. As they march over, they see Mike nursing his shattered arm while he screams like a baby. Without a shred of sympathy, the girls drag him out of the wreckage, and pummel him to death.

Just to make this scene all the more satisfying, every one of their 36 punches looks like they REALLY hurt. After watching the blood gushing from Mike's mouth and hearing every bone in his face crunch before he drops dead, you genuinely feel like all the people he murdered over the years have been avenged.


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