10 Horror Movie Victims Who Got The Best Revenge

9. Planet Terror - Cherry Darling

Teeth Thumb
Dimension Films

Quentin Tarantino's character, Lewis, doesn't appear very long in Planet Terror, nor is he particularly important to the plot. But considering he's a sadomasochistic mutant rapist, you immediately hate his guts.

After Lewis and his fellow soldiers kidnap go-go dancer, Cherry Darling, and her friends, he starts threatening to kill her unless he dances for him. After Cherry reluctantly shows off her moves, Lewis starts mocking her peg leg, repeatedly referring to her as a "one-legged stripper".

Enraged, Cherry knocks Lewis over and shoves her stump through his eye socket. Furious, Lewis pulls his pants down, ready to violate Cherry. To her horror, she sees the mutant virus that has infected Lewis has caused his nuts to fall off.

Refusing to accept defeat, Lewis still tries to rape Cherry despite not being physically equipped. Cherry's friend, Dakota, hurls a syringe at Lewis' remaining eye, gouging it out. By this point, Lewis' body has mutated so much, he is moments away from dying.

However, Cherry still doesn't think he's suffered enough. Attaching an assault rifle to her leg, Cherry blasts Lewis with an explosive round right where his balls used to be, blowing him to kingdom come.


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