10 Horror Movie Victims Who Were Actually The Villain

The best horror movie surprise villains! Can anything top Saw's secret Jigsaw apprentice?

Saw Amanda

Whilst other types of cinema can seem somewhat one-note, it seems that horror is the one that continues to surprise us all. It is the genre that constantly reinvents itself, with a brand new hot fad coming along every 5 years or so.

With each new addition to the stable, it seems we as an audience are constantly reminded just how clever genre films can be. Scary movies constantly seem to be the ones to hold viewers spellbound and successfully pull the rug out from under us with twists we never saw coming.

No other genre can boast so proudly that it holds so many intricately crafted movies that shock us all by completely subverting our expectations as viewers. There is nothing quite like that realization that a film is not at all what we thought it was. The horror genre is a master of deception like no other, especially when it comes to flipping the lid on who the audience should be rooting for.

So, with that in mind, let's look at 10 Horror Movie Victims Who Were Actually The Villain.

10. Dr. Sartain - Halloween (2018)

Saw Amanda

2018's Halloween acted as both a sequel to the 1978 classic and a fresh start for the franchise as a whole. Negating every sequel and piece of lore, the film acts as Halloween II, and loving pays close tribute to the original.

One of these loving tributes seemed to be the introduction of Doctor Ranbir Sartain in the opening moments. A refined English doctor dedicated to his patient, the character felt like a touching tribute to the late Donald Pleasence's Dr. Sam Loomis.

Sartain seems endearing as he pledges to stay by his patient's side and carry on Loomis' legacy. After taking a bullet during Michael's escape, the character soon falls into the Loomis role and assists the police in their hunt for the infamous Shape.

However, in a move that polarized fans, 2018's Halloween chose to shatter our expectations midway through and reveal Dr. Sartain as the villain. In a shocking scene Sartain plunges a knife into the neck of Will Patton's Officer Hawkins and sets about reuniting Michael Myers with his surviving victim Laurie Strode.

Revealing the Doctor as a moustache-twirling mastermind feels somewhat shoe-horned in for story purposes solely to get Michael Myers to Laurie Strode's fortified home for the showdown we're waiting for.

The entire scenario plays out rather quickly however, with Sartain's sinister turn coming to an abrupt end when Michael Myers crushes his head... Leaving this character turn feeling rather hammy, pointless and making Sartain just more body count fodder.

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