10 Horror Movie Villain Twists We All Saw Coming

You don't need a spoiler warning for these "twists"!

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Horror movies and plot twists go together like Ross and Rachel from Friends. On paper, everyone loves them, but they're not always on the best terms. Forced metaphors aside, if there's one genre that really does love chucking a surprise or two your way, it's the world of scary movies.

The intention of a horror movie is to frighten you, which is why many of them try to be as shocking and unpredictable as possible. This way, they can lure you into the story and keep you constantly guessing. One ubiquitous way of doing this is to trick the audience with a surprise villain, making you question everything you've seen so far and catching you off guard.

Of course, the problem with this is that it's not always as tough to predict as the movie would like. So while there have been some stellar villain reveals (some classics include Orphan, Scream and Don't Look Now), there have been just as many that have landed flat on their faces as everyone saw them coming.

There is, of course, a major spoiler alert on this list. But it's not like you won't see these twists coming a mile off anyway.

10. Spiral: From The Book Of Saw - William Schenk

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The Saw series is something you either love or hate, and those who loved it were ecstatic when they found out a new movie was coming. Spiral promised a fresh plot, a different setting and, best of all, a brand new villain. But in the end, fans got a borderline average flick with a reveal so obvious it felt like a joke.

During the film, you watch as Detective Zeke Banks (Chris Rock) and Detective William Schenk (Max Minghella) try to solve the mystery of a new killer who uses Jigsaw-like traps. Unfortunately, the killer was very clearly Schenk.

The first clue came from Saw’s infamous love of twist endings, with surprise villains permeating the franchise. In Spiral, Schenk was the only character close enough to the protagonist to feel like a valid option.

The movie tried to throw you off the scent by "killing him off", but his fake-out death didn't feature a trap. Why would someone die in a Saw film off-screen when they could produce some good old-fashioned gore? Additionally, he talked about his family a lot, yet you never actually got to see them? Why would that be, is it because they didn't exist? Oh yeah, probably!

To make matters worse, those are only a few reasons why this twist was obvious, as there were somehow even more.


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