10 Horror Movie Villain Twists We All Saw Coming

9. April Fool’s Day - Muffy

Masters Of Horror Imprint
Paramount Pictures

A movie called April Fool's Day? Gee, I wonder if there's some sort of prank involved. You've got to give the movie some credit for being a hilarious subversion of the genre, but the title kind of gives this one away right off the bat.

The film shows as a girl called Muffy invites some friends to stay with her in a remote mansion. But, soon, things turn violent as they start to get picked off by an unknown assailant. Still, if you've read the title and gotten a vibe for the host of the party, then you won't be second-guessing for long.

It's revealed that the whole thing was an April Fool's Day prank from Muffy and a test run for a staged horror resort. Viewers shouldn't be surprised as she's shown from the beginning to be an incurable prankster who constantly wanders off, leaving a ridiculous amount of suspicion on her shoulders.

In the film's defence, it was released in 1986, so it likely did turn a fair few heads when it came out. But, sadly, these near 40 years later, it's just another obvious horror satire.


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