10 Horror Movie Villains Motivated By Love

Witches, vampires, serial killers - even monsters can fall in love!

Kathy Bates Misery
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"Cause all of me loves all of you!", "love lifts us up where we belong!", "I was made for lovin' you, baby. You were made for lovin' me!". All you need to do is look at any pop song about love, and you'll see the crazy power it has over people.

The horror industry seems about as far removed from cupid and his flying arrows as humanly possible. It's a vulgar, grotesque, dark and (usually) unsentimental genre that goes above and beyond to get your heart racing, but out of fear rather than romance. This is probably why the villains of scary flicks aren't the kind of people you'll find shopping for Valentine's Day cards. Still, even in the dark recesses of scary movies, love finds a way.

There is some room for romance in horror, which can even be seen in the baddies. Not every villain's motivation chocks down to "kill people because it's fun" as many of them have deeply personal reasons for their actions, and what could be more personal than love?

These coming antagonists might not be the kind of people you'd want to date, but they did what they did because of the ever elusive L-word.

10. Lola Stone - The Loved Ones

Kathy Bates Misery
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Prom is such a beacon of celebration for young love. It's an innocent and sweet time where youngsters spend the evening with their sweethearts and make memories they'll remember forever. Well, in the case of The Loved Ones, this is a prom day no one will forget in a hurry.

Lola Stone is a very twisted young girl who, alongside her father, kidnaps and sadistically tortures people - not the best kind of date night, for sure. This is, obviously, very unfortunate for the object of her affections (Brent), as she lets out all of her fantasies after he turns her down for the prom in favour of his actual girlfriend.

Poor Brent is kidnapped and forced to partake in a sickening fake prom with Lola and her father. There's love all over this torture flick as Lola's passions for Brent are the main reason he gets targeted. Sure, she's tortured plenty of people, but he's her prom date, so he's special.

There's also some abhorrent love between her and her father, Eric. It's sick, gross and even incestuous, but what can you expect from a father/daughter duo who kidnap boys for fun?


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