10 Horror Movie Villains Motivated By Love

9. Sweeney Todd - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

Kathy Bates Misery
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Many people might not consider Sweeney as the villain of this movie, seeing as he's the lead figure, his motives are convincing, and he's got that classic gothic Johnny Depp charm. But those same people are blind to the fact that he's an utter menace. Serial killing is never justified, even if you sing some lovely tunes whilst doing it.

This horror movie musical sees Depp throw away the cutlass and grab a pair of razors, killing people as they sit in his barber chair. But, his main mission is to seek revenge against the man who ruined his life, Judge Turpin. So, yes, revenge is his primary goal, but where does that drive come from? It's from the love of his wife/daughter.

Todd's mission of violent chaos comes from his desire to seek justice against Turpin, a man who wrongfully exiled him, led to the death of his wife (according to Mrs Lovett) and stole his daughter away. This character was so blissfully in love, and losing it all drove him to become the insane monster he is.

However, Sweeney's not the only one, as Mrs Lovett's devilish deeds also reflect her lovesick passion for Todd. Wow, it's a regular love fest on Fleet Street!


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