10 Horror Movie Villains Who Actually Won

In movies as in life, more often than you'd think, the bad guys win.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Most of the time it feels like horror movies end on at least a partially happy note. Things usually draw to a close when the baddie (or group of baddies) meets their horrible end, leaving our main character to stroll away successfully into the sunset.

Even if the baddie doesn’t die, it doesn’t mean that they win. They can be arrested, permenantly maimed and thus stopped from doing their favourite thing in the world (murder, in case you hadn’t guessed), thrown into an asylum, et cetera. There are plenty of ways for things to go wrong for horror movie villains when it comes to it.

The bleakest horror movies are the ones where nothing goes wrong though, and the bad guy wins. Even if throughout the journey we’ve been led to think things might turn around - that we might win eventually - sometimes it just isn’t meant to be.

Serial killers complete total annihilation, leaving no witnesses, monsters chomp down on the very last camper, the good guy goes to prison for the crimes the bad guy committed. Life is unfair and movies are a reflection of life, in life as in cinema: more often than you’d think, the bad guys have the final word.

10. Psycho Ann - Happy Birthday To Me

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Columbia Pictures

On a day that’s meant to be all about celebrating the birthday-person, eating cake and being merry, having a little bit of murder certainly can sour the mood. Having a LOT of murder all at your own birthday party will certainly tip it over the edge.

In this film, a popular schoolgirl named Ginny seemingly starts to murder each of her closest friends. She stabs a bloke with garden shears, impales another with shish kebab sticks - and best of all she doesn’t remember doing any of it!

She fears she is killing her mates whilst experiencing blackouts, and her therapist can’t seem to help her. It all comes to a head when her father returns home and finds Ginny has arranged her friends' corpses at their dining room table, singing Happy Birthday to herself. She slashes his throat, before we notice that around the table is seated… another Ginny.

Turns out that the one doing the killing has been Ginny’s friend Ann, who resents Ginny because she ruined her last birthday party. Ann rips off her prosthetic mask and fights the real Ginny, accidentally being killed in the process.

The cops arrive just in time to see the real Ginny, knife in hand, surrounded by all her dead friends. Ann successfully managed to ruin Ginny’s life, framing her for serial murder! Win.


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