10 Horror Movie Villains Who Actually Won

9. Satan - The House Of The Devil

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Dark Sky FIlms

Admittedly it’s a bit of a tired trope in the scale of things, but the ole “oooh and now you’re pregnant with the antichrist” bit never fails to get a reaction. This is especially true when you drop it right at the end of the movie, just when the audience thinks that all is said and done.

Throughout the film, student Samantha comes to realise that the family she is babysitting for isn’t what they say they are. Instead, her babysitting services aren’t needed at all, it’s more of a womb-rental situation.

The group of baddies perform a ritual on her with the help of a horrid witchy figure they call ‘mother.’ She is informed that she is a vessel for evil, that it is too late for her to do anything about it and she must just accept her fate.

Samantha has a big-brain moment and, instead of shooting her captors, takes their word about her importance in the coming of Satan and instead shoots herself in the head. This would’ve been great if she had actually managed to kill herself as planned, instead she wakes up in hospital.

A nurse reassures her that they’ll BOTH be fine, referring to a demon baby inside her assumedly. And boom, Satan wins again.


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