10 Horror Movie Villains Who Were... Kind Of Right

Wait, maybe these villains had a point.

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We’ve all been there: a late-night horror binge, a pile of corpses, and some cliché psychopath ranting about how it was all for the “greater good.” Usually, a horror movie baddie is clearly in the wrong, but every so often a special-kind-of psycho comes along with an excuse so good, it gets you thinking, “damn, am I crazy or is this guy kind of making sense?”

The good news is, no you’re not a budding Hannibal Lecter. It turns out there are some villains out there who, however twisted it may be, have a distinct moral code. “But everyone is the hero of their own story!” I hear you asking. Well, lower your pitchforks and torches because this list is dedicated to those horror baddies whose actions aren’t just a ghoulish self-rationalisation but rather objectively justifiable in some regard.

Consider an innocent who was tortured by human malice to the point of retaliation; or a utilitarian, who is hurting a few for thegood of the many. Furthermore, consider those who are only causing suffering incidentally because it is in their nature. For all these reasons and many more, we explore now a veritable bounty of morally-grey monsters who may very well be catching a worse rap than they deserve.


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