10 Horror Movie Villains With The Highest Body Counts

We're all just a number in the end.

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For years now, horror villains have been racking up kill counts in their franchises with nothing more than endless fame and box office profits to show for it. Hard life.

With everything from literal nightmare-inducing terror to death by machete on the cards, it's hard to know exactly who to put all your time and undying devotion into when it comes to the big bads of the horror universe. Franchises run on for decades, newbies take on old disguises, and films devolve into obscurity.

But one thing is always for certain: there's a kill counter running, and only one villain can come out on top.

Only one can be the very best at the game, and only one has persevered long enough to beat out the competition and stand atop a pile of gory pulp as king killer. But who could it be?

11. HONOURABLE MENTION: Pennywise The Clown - 10 Kills

Warner Bros

Film Appearances: 2

Confirmed Kill Count: 10

Potential Kill Count: 18,011

For a giant cosmic spider masquerading as a clown, you’d think Pennywise would have some serious kills on screen so we really get a feel for his side business in children eating, but most of this Killer Klown From Outer Space’s threat level comes from word of mouth.

We hear plenty about how dangerous ‘It’ is whilst only ever getting a handful of on-screen deaths to prove it - and even then, it’s the original 1990 version of Pennywise that serves up the death count in true Tim Curry stylings. Bill Skarsgard gets a measly three meals in comparison. Those are rookie numbers! We’ve gotta pump those numbers up!

So what about the potential kills? Last year, a redditor broke down Pennywise’s apparent reported kills over the 270 year approximation of Derry being established, including the negative energy he imbues people with that accounts for an unusually high death rate in the small town.

It came to roughly a pant-wetting 18,011 at the top end. And that’s only the kills we can discern as being ‘known’ about. Ronald McDonald has some work to do.

Best Kill: Harmless to armless


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