10 Horror Movie Villains You Didn't Know Were Returning

Guess who's Drac, Drac again?

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More than any other genre, horror movies live and die by their villains.

Quite literally in some cases.

Without a murderous monster, sadistic psychopath, or ghoulish ghostie, a horror just isn't a horror. Where's the tension? Where's the conflict? Where's the people's brains splattering against the wall? It's all wrong!

That would explain why, when a franchise finds themselves a killer baddie (pun very much intended), they hold onto them for dear life.

Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, these titans of terror have a filmography bigger than most real-life actors. And don't expect any of them to retire their signature weapons any time soon.

That might explain why the following ten big nasties are on their way back to our screens in the near future. All of the villains in this list have a film or TV series in the works, with an announced premiere date somewhere in the next two years.

What terrible acts will these monsters commit next? Will we learn anything about their backstories? What cheap merchandise will studios release that we will buy in droves, like the suckers we are?

Let's find out.

10. The Death Angels

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Not an all-female metal band that you had all the posters of growing up, Death Angels (or Dark Angels) is the speculative name given to the creatures that stalk the eerie world of the Quiet Place franchise.

With eyesight worse than Grampa Simpson and hearing as powerful as the most annoying of teachers, the Death Angels are drawn to even the slightest of sounds and will mercilessly kill anyone in their path.

The effects of their invasion of Earth are chronicled excellently in A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II. Now, the visionless villains are set to return to the big screen in not one, but two upcoming films.

A Quiet Place: Day One is set for release on 8th March 2024 and will serve as a spin-off from the main series. Based on the title, it will likely explore the very early days of the creatures' arrival on Earth.

As for the misfortunes of the Abbott family, those are set to continue in A Quiet Place Part III in 2025.

Poor Emily Blunt, all she wants is a rest.

We'd say she's after some peace and quiet, but she's probably sick of that.

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