10 Horror Movies About To Become TV Shows

From animated revivals, to creepy prequels, these horror movies are being brought to TV screens.

Hostel Part 2
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Big studios have seemingly never been more terrified of taking a gamble on an exciting new concept on the big or small screen. So, rather than risk losing money on something fresh, exciting, and potentially game-changing, those calling the shots have increasingly opted to return to tried and tested IPs when deciding on where to spend their dollar next.

As the last few years have shown, though, even that isn't enough to guarantee a massive box office haul or a ton of eyes on a new sequel/prequel show. And it isn't just superhero adventures, epic dramas, or action-packed tales that have been given the small-screen spin-off treatment, as the horror genre has seen its fair share of creepy and disturbing franchises thrown into the TV sphere, too.

The likes of the brilliant Hannibal, Bates Motel, and What We Do in the Shadows won't be the last big-screen horror treats to be transformed into TV terrors either. And this list is about to tell you all about the rest of the frightening small-screen spin-offs, sequels, and prequels that are heading your way in the coming months and years.

10. Evil Dead

Hostel Part 2
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If the success of last year's Evil Dead Rise (directed by Lee Cronin) was anything to go by, this comedy horror series first birthed onto the big screen by Sam Raimi back in 1981 is still a franchise fright fans are keen to explore and revisit.

And luckily for Deadites the world over, it seems like Raimi and co. are keen to unleash a few more Evil Dead projects in the coming years, with Ash Williams himself Bruce Campbell noting to Collider last year that the idea was now to chuck out a new one every two or three years rather than every decade going forward.

Those aren't the only potential new Evil Dead offerings on the horizon either.

As stated by that man again Campbell a few years back, an animated revival of the Evil Dead TV show Ash vs Evil Dead, which was ultimately cancelled after three seasons, is currently being discussed, too. Bruce would seemingly be returning as the voice of the iconic Ash, and confirmed last year to Bloody Disgusting that they were still "actively pursuing it."

Campbell appears to be well up for getting groovy again, so it now feels like just a case of waiting for a very busy Raimi to find the time to finish developing the animated project.

Fingers crossed we get a few more updates in 2024.

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