10 Horror Movies Ruined By Bad CGI

The worst CGI moments in horror movies - terrible werewolves, dinosaurs & more!

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Horror is a genre where the bad far outweighs the good. Even if a scary film has a great premise there are so many factors that can let it down, such as lame acting, blatant plotholes, annoying characters, or cheap jump-scares.

But one element that lets down so many horror films is poor special effects. Even with the best prosthetics and costumes, it's difficult to make a monster or a gory effect look right when you throw wonky CG into the mix.

But this shouldn't be a problem anymore, right? Now that CGI is the norm, filmmakers don't need to spend a painstaking amount of time setting up blood squibs or creating a realistic animatronic. They can just create whatever special effect they need inside a computer.

Well, even with the major advances in movie technology, it feels like the special effects of today are getting worse. In many cases, computer-generated imagery looks less realistic than the effects used in horror flicks from half a century ago.

And we're not talking about a moment in a movie that looks a little dodgy. We're looking at CGI that is so unconvincing, it ruins the entire movie...

10. Ju-On: The Curse

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Most filmgoers are aware The Grudge is a remake of the Japanese film, Ju-On: The Grudge. However, few people realise that film is the the third instalment in the Ju-On franchise.

The original flick, Ju-On: The Curse, was directed by Takashi Shimizu. Although the film was a success, Shimizu wasn't happy with the special effects and essentially remade it two years later with a bigger budget. Even though Ju-On: The Curse is well-made, it is let down by CGI, especially in one scene.

After a schoolgirl, Kanna, has her jaw ripped off by the ghost, her mother, Noriko, sees Kanna from behind walking up a staircase. As Kanna turns around, the camera cuts to Noriko's face as she lets out a bloodcurdling scream.

If the scene cut to black here, it would've been perfect. Instead, the camera lingers on Kanna's jawless face, showcasing her badly rendered windpipe and tongue while unconvincing blood seeps out of her mout

What makes this special effect so irritating is the scene is built up phenomenally. Sadly, crappy CGI can ruin anything, even if everything else in the scene is spot on.

Although the American reboot is seen as another unnecessary remake, it recreated this scene with superior CGI, making it far scarier.


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