10 Horror Movies So Good You Overlook Major Flaws

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Because horror films usually have small budgets, inexperienced directors, and amateur actors, the chances of the final product turning out well is rare. So, when a truly great horror is released, it's often viewed as a minor miracle. Such films can be revered so highly, we forgive or outright ignore its flaws.

But let's not kid ourselves - there is no movie that's truly flawless, and that goes double for the horror genre. Even the best slashers and creature features are filled with cliches, stereotyped characters, and implausible plots. As entertaining as Gremlins is, we can't pretend the rules make any sense. Although Alien is a classic, there's one plothole nobody can deny. 2018's Halloween may have revitalised the franchise, but it was far from perfect.

Now, that's not suggesting any entires on this list are overrated. After all, we have to ignore inconsistencies and leaps in logic to enjoy almost any movie. But at the same time, we can't pretend these films are immaculate, especially when they suffer from such flagrant problems.

Let's have a look at ten horror movies that were so good, we overlooked major flaws.

10. Sartain's Villainous Reveal Adds Nothing - Halloween (2018)

Terrifier 2 Pale Girl

Halloween Kills was awful. Halloween Ends was arguably worse. Luckily, we can all agree the 2018 version of Halloween was far better than it should've been. In fact, many regard it to be the best instalment in the franchise since the original.

Annoyingly, the sequel could've been improved even more, if it removed one specific detail. In the opening, we see Michael Myers being treated by Dr. Sartain, who was a student of Michael's psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis.

While Michael is transferred to another facility shortly after, he escapes, and begins making his way to Laurie Strode's home.

Just before the big showdown, Sartain reveals to Laurie's granddaughter how he orchestrated Michael's escape. By studying Michael "in the wild", Sartain believes he could gain great insight into how a serial killer thinks.

However, Sartain's villainous monologue is cut short, when Michael murders him and crushes his skull. Not only was Sartain's heel-turn silly, it was unneeded. If this scene was removed, it would've had no effect on the plot. As a result, it makes you wonder why the filmmakers included this revelation in the first place.


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