10 Horror Movies So Good You Overlook Major Flaws

9. Amateur Practical Effects - A Nightmare On Elm Street

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New Line Cinema

Although Halloween is responsible for popularising slashers, A Nightmare On Elm Street role in cementing the genre cannot be overstated. Because of the brilliant premise, tight script, masterful editing, perfect direction, and a career-best performance by Robert Englund, you can see why Wes Craven's masterwork became a classic.

Now, because horror films usually have a shoestring budget, special effects tend to look ropey. So, if you notice a rubbery prosthetic or a papier-mache head while watching a slasher, you have to be understanding, since the filmmakers had very little money to work with.

Unfortunately, A Nightmare On Elm Street has so many subpar effects, it's distracting. Despite the fact some visuals look top-notch, there's no question the bad far outweighs the good.

When Nancy runs up the stairs, you can blatantly see the steps are pre-cut so she'll fall through them. When Freddy presses his face against the wall, you can tell it's made of spandex. Even though the Freddy Tongue Phone is meant to be creepy, it looks like a wind-up toy.

Sadly, the movie ends with the fakest effect of the lot. When Freddy drags Nancy's mother through the window, it's obvious she's a blow-up doll.


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