10 Horror Movies That Aren’t As Bad As Everyone Says

9. Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse

Burying The Ex

Released in 2015, The Scout's Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse was a critical and commercial failure that soon set back the career of its director, Christopher Landon.

However 2017 saw the release of Landon's next film, the sleeper hit horror comedy Happy Death Day. Not only did this film do well with critics, but with the time loop slasher's sequel receiving solid reviews too, it's worth revisiting The Scout's Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse to see where it went wrong.

And the answer is... nowhere, really?

Funnier and scarier than critics claimed, this horror comedy isn't quite as solid as the instant classic likes of Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. But it's funny and warm-hearted, and manages to insert a cute, goofy coming-of-age comedy into its gory action without either elements feeling out of place or misjudged.

With a solid young cast, this horror comedy is far better than its poor box office showing might have you think, and its gonzo blood-soaked set pieces can go toe-to-toe with the legendary gore of Peter Jackson's infamous Braindead in zombie horror history.

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