10 Horror Movies That Flopped Hard In 2022

The scariest thing about these movies were the box office results.

The Invitation
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Horror is a very unique genre. I’s completely based on a primal emotions such as fear, which means a lot of horror movies are typically hit or miss with most people.

It’s actually pretty simple, you’re either scared of something or you’re not.

That being said, there have always been horror flicks that a lot of people agree are great. Whether classics like Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist, or recent hits such as Get Out and Hereditary, some movies are just almost universally acclaimed and revered.

On the opposite end of that, there are those horror movies that are universally hated and critically panned. You know the type, the films that might have looked good as an idea on paper, but once they arrived on the big screen, simply didn’t work.

Going back to the point about the uniqueness of horror, we can say that when a horror film flops, it flops hard. There are countless examples of slashers looking too campy, or psychological thrillers being too smart for their own good.

When something scares you, you usually can't hide it. So, when you go to watch a movie that's supposed to scare you, but doesn’t, you can’t hide your disappointment.

There are numerous horror movies being produced all the time, and it’s a given that a lot of them will be bad. But what hurts the most, is when the ones you had high hopes for turn out bad.

Inspired by such disappointment, here's ten horror movies that bombed hard this year.

10. The Twin

The Invitation

Following a horrible tragedy that took one of their twins' lives, Rachel and Anthony move to a different part of the globe with their surviving kid.

When Rachel starts to uncover the agonizing truth about her son and faces the evil forces that are attempting to possess him, what starts out as a healing period in the peaceful Scandinavian countryside quickly takes a sinister turn.

The film, directed by Taneli Mustonen, tries to draw on by now familiar motifs of Nordic myths, but it is plagued by a very thin story, surface-level characterization, and the inability to escape the cliches it’s trying to parody at times.

Although the location and Daniel Lindholm's cinematography at least effectively depict the natural beauty of the Finnish countryside, they are insufficient to successfully convey the intended mood. The characters are completely undermined by Mustonen's attempts to transcend well-worn tropes, which are overly dependent on a conclusion that doesn't feel truly deserved.

People who came expecting another Midsommar were deeply disappointed, and that is reflected in the Rotten Tomatoes score, where The Twin has a measly 35% audience score. It’s only slightly better received by critics, who gave it a 41% rating.

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