10 Horror Movies That Led To Massive Lawsuits

9. Jesse Eisenberg's Before-He-Was-Famous Horror Movie - Camp Hell

Giallo 2009 film
Holedigger Films

For all movies, it's a long road from production to release, and a lot can happen within that time. For actors working on multiple projects, this period can actually be enough time for another one of their movies to release and rocket them to superstardom.

Of course, having a rising star attached to a flick can increase its likelihood of success massively, and that's allegedly what the filmmakers were banking on with shoddy horror Camp Hell in 2010.

When it dropped on DVD, actor Jesse Eisenberg's face was splashed across the front cover, alongside his name receiving the sole credit on the marketing materials. Obviously, many people naturally assumed this meant he was the star of the piece.

That couldn't have been further from the truth though, as Eisenberg has little more than a cameo role in the finished flick.

According to THR, the actor was eemingly quite annoyed at this, and thus filed a lawsuit claiming the advertising would “fraudulently induce his fans to purchase a copy of the DVD of the Picture.”


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