10 Horror Movies That Led To Massive Lawsuits

8. The Most Confusing Rights Issue Ever - Friday The 13th

Giallo 2009 film
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Have you ever wondered why the Friday the 13th franchise has been all talk and no walk for the past decade?

After the reasonable success of the reboot there were so many plans for future movies starring everyone's favourite hockey mask wearing villain. Hell, there was even the plan to make a Friday the 13th found footage flick at one point (though I'm kind of pleased the time has passed on that one).

The reason nothing has ever materialised, however, is that the franchise is caught up in one of the messiest lawsuits in recent memory. Who has the rights to this franchise has always been a confusing question, but most recently a legal battle between original rights holder (and co-creator of the franchise) Sean S. Cunningham and the writer of the original movie Victor Miller have left the series in a state of limbo.

The pair's case - alongside the general rights confusion - has been ongoing for years now, and is partly why we haven't seen any new movie, why the Friday the 13th game suddenly stopped being supported, and even why a Jason Voorhees-starring episode of Supernatural had to be scrapped.


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