10 Horror Movies That Left Out The True Horrific Ending

9. Eaten Alive

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
Mars Productions Corporation

Another Henkel creation now, but a much less famous one than Leatherface's big screen debut.

Two years after the massacre in Texas, Henkel once again teamed up with Tobe Hooper to create Eaten Alive, a horror movie with a distinctly reptilian twist.

It tells the story of Judd, a deranged hotel owner in the rural South who uses a crocodile as part of his violent outbursts. The film opens with Judd stabbing a prostitute with a pitchfork before chasing her into the waiting jaws of his pet croc.

The giant beastie kills a few more people (including Judd himself) before the film is done. But it didn't claim nearly as many victims as the creature it was based on.

Eaten Alive is based loosely on the actions of Joe Ball, a saloon owner who lived in Texas in the early 20th Century. As a publicity stunt, Ball built a pond containing six alligators and charged people to feed them. Oh, and he also allegedly used them to dispose of the bodies of up to 20 women he killed.

This is way more calculated that Judd's methods, somehow making being fed to a giant crocodile even worse.


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