10 Horror Movies That Make Silence Terrifying

These films can scare without so much as a sound...


Everyone has their own anxieties that they can’t deal with seeing in horror movies. Whatever makes your blood run cold, however - whether it's masked killers, vengeful ghosts, or unfeeling monsters - can't hold a candle to one simple scare tactic:


Imagine sitting in a dark room hearing some ungodly horrors outside your window or crawling in your walls for it to suddenly go quiet. What’s worse is knowing it’s there, unable to pinpoint where or even what it is - you're deprived of your senses and left on high alert, just waiting for whatever comes next.

Now these aren’t exclusively silent films as the title might suggest, just ones that use silence to frighten and mess with viewers, building up to scares or luring you into fake outs. When the silence strikes, in you know you're far from safe.

That feeling when a horror movie goes quiet puts you on the edge of your seat because you know that means something is coming. This list gives respect to all those films that can make silence terrifying.


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