10 Horror Movies That Only Work In The Cinema

9. It Follows

Pennywise facegrab It 2017

Imagine the shower scene from Psycho but, instead of the classic strings motif, it's the theme from Seinfeld playing instead.

Not nearly as effective, is it?

Music plays a huge role in how scary a horror movie is. Dark, brooding sounds subliminally set the tone for a scene and let the audience know something bad is about to happen long before it actually does.

Whilst you can get some pretty impressive home speaker systems these days, nothing beats a cinema for that immersive surround sound experience. Want proof? Listen to the title theme from 2015's It Follows at home and then in a movie theatre.

The film centres a demonic entity passed on by sex (it's better than it sounds) and was scored by Richard Vreeland, better known by the stage name Disasterpiece.

It Follows comprises mostly of pulsing, extra-terrestrial synth sounds that create a sense of mystery and dread in every scene. Each piece of music sounds filled to the brim and hits you like a wall of noise every time.

Just listen to that track through your headphones. Then imagine how grandiose it would sound through dozens of huge speakers.

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