10 Horror Movies That Only Work In The Cinema

8. Wait Until Dark

Pennywise facegrab It 2017
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1967's Wait Until Dark isn't technically classed as a horror, but it's got all of the genre's key elements.

It stars Audrey Hepburn as a young blind woman who must survive a home invasion led by a violent criminal. Yep, sounds like a horror alright.

Presenting a protagonist with sensual impairments is a bona fide way to create sympathy towards them. Audiences love an underdog and Hepburn plays the frightened woman with the odds stacked against her to perfection. Her performance got nominated for an Oscar.

The film descends into a battle of wits as Hepburn's character Susy tries to even the playing field against her sighted foes. The film's thrilling climax, which plays out in near total darkness, is gripping from start to end and is amplified further by a cinema's lack of light.

Watching Wait Until Dark in a theatre helps you to put yourself in Susy's shoes. The intimacy of the setting makes you feel like you're in the house with her, but unable to stop any of the film's horrifying acts play out.

You'll never want to be home alone ever again.

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