10 Horror Movies That Totally Confused You

9. Triangle

third part of the night
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Messing with time and continuity is one of the quickest ways to lose your audience. We all love a time loop and things of the sort, but if we can’t work out who’s who and why are they doing anything then it loses its charm.

Triangle is one hell of a time-loop movie, centring on protagonist Jess as she finds herself stuck at sea looping around a set of events. What started as a boat trip with her friend turns into a spiralling maze of action and consequence, with murderous body-doubles, accidental deaths and… a pile of dead seagulls?

Once you’ve got your head around where everyone falls into the plot, the confusion starts all over again when you reach the end and try to figure out how it all started. The time-frame for the loop is bigger than we thought, and despite all efforts it seems inescapable. Where does it all begin? Where does it end? Does any of it matter or will it carry on forever regardless? We just don’t know.

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