10 Horror Movies That Totally Screwed Characters

When horror movies don't play fair.


If you're a character in a horror movie, there's a pretty solid chance you're going to meet a grim fate, no matter whether you're just the supporting comic relief or the protagonist themselves.

And while this is hardly unexpected, sometimes horror films go out of their way to deliver unusually cruel, even "unfair" fates to characters who, honestly, don't really deserve it.

These 10 characters all received uncommonly harsh endings which left audiences more bemused, upset, and straight-up traumatised than entertained.

Given that these characters were all well-written enough for viewers to get invested in them, it wasn't easy to watch them get put through the wringer with so much twisted enthusiasm.

There are dumb horror movie characters who absolutely deserve their inevitable deaths, but these ones all fought hard and smart enough to deserve better - even if, in some cases, that was exactly the point.

Either way, it didn't stop fans from being left absolutely slack-jawed at how decisively these horror heroes were snuffed out...

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