10 Horror Movies That Wasted Brilliant Concepts

9. Brightburn

The Purge

The question became the base of the premise of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice back in 2016, and was the reason Bruce Wayne wanted Clark Kent dead. What if Superman was evil? While the second DCEU movie handled this poorly, Brightburn arguably did an even worse job with it.

The premise is something that has become even more interesting with the over-saturation of superhero movies in the last decade or so, but what if someone with powers on a completely other-worldly scale decided not to use them for good?

Brightburn unfortunately took the premise and didn’t really do anything interesting with it. It was nothing more than a forgettable movie lost in a sea of superhero movies without any real reason to make it stand out from anything else.

Brandon could have done anything, but instead was nothing more than an angsty child who didn’t fit in. It’s a story that’s been done to death. It doesn’t help Brightburn’s cause that just two months after its release, the first episode of The Boys dropped, a series that has gone on to show in Homelander exactly what a Superman gone wrong character can be.


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