10 Horror Movies That Went Too Far

The line is there for a reason.

Bates Misery
Columbia Pictures

The horror genre is in the business of making people squirm. Whether its gruesome violence, incomprehensible monsters, or impossible decisions thrust upon characters forced to choose their limbs or their lives, there's a fine line films walk between campy over-enthusiasm and just straight overindulgence. The exploitation sub-genre in particular is one that takes one look at the line and runs as far as it can into the distance. What's a line if you can't even see it, eh?

And while violence is an easy way for these movies to cross the threshold of what we're comfortable with, horror continually challenges viewers in other ways, too. Whether its through sinister implication, behind the scenes pressure, or through approaching themes that are too reprehensible to really touch on screen, many films have famously flown too close to the sun and felt the burn of criticism at the way they've handled their horror.

A fare few manage to work this to their advantage, but mostly, we're just faced with films that don't know when to stop. Take a lesson from MC Hammer, guys.

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