10 Horror Movies That Went Too Far

9. Incident In A Ghostland

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Pascal Laugier is no stranger to pushing things too far. He's no stranger to this list, either, with his far more well-known movie Martyrs making an appearance later on - but for now, we're here to discuss Incident in a Ghostland. The movie has a great twist, but it's one built upon the abuse of women all the way through - revelling in making his characters victims more than anything else. However, that's not even the main issue, as the way Laugier presents his villains is sickly, to say the least.

Giving us an androgynous ringleader implied to be a man dressed as a woman, and an larger man who's defined as slow and brutish, Laugier's approach to narrative isn't strong enough to support what comes across as problematic ideals. There's no backing as to why these people are scary - they're simply there, serving no greater purpose than to be 'terrifying' set pieces with no indulgence as to why these traits are important. It's demonising minorities rather than utilising the characters in an inventive and rounded way, and we're faced with stereotypes and 'othering' that just feels unnecessary.

That one of the lead actresses cut her face open in unsafe work conditions and has been left with a disfiguring scar is just another reason why this film went way too far in capturing a substandard idea.

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