10 Horror Movies That Were Way Weirder Than Advertised

These recent horror movies were born to stand out.

Army Of The Dead

Despite many film studios' inexplicable attempts to cram an entire plot summary into a two-minute video clip, there's usually only so much that promotional material can tell you about a film.

Trailers and posters provide useful insight into what viewers can expect from the movie in question, acting as an enticing hook for audiences. With that being said, some cinematic offerings possess such weird premises that it's difficult to condense their strangeness to fit within a feature film, let alone an advertisement that typically runs for a matter of seconds.

This is particularly true of horror, a genre that has made a name for itself by challenging the boundaries of reality and normal convention. In many of these cases, vague promotional material is all part and parcel of the cinematic experience, amplifying the sense of "what in the actual f*ck am I witnessing?" that many viewers likely feel when they come face to face with the movie's unabated peculiarity.

Eliciting tears, laughter and head scratches in equal measure, the examples on this list redefined the standard for "weird" in a horror film with ease.

10. Fall

Army Of The Dead

Grossing $21 million against a paltry budget, Scott Mann's Fall follows a disastrous climb gone wrong. The film sees two friends - Grace Currey's Becky and Virginia Gardner's Hunter - become stranded at the top of a 2000-foot-tall radio tower.

Fall's set pieces are unashamedly bonkers. The visual of our protagonists dangling from the tower's platform with one hand is just one example within the movie that elicits gasps of profanity and the sweatiest of palms.

Trailers for Fall painted a picture of a story that could induce vertigo amongst audiences, but nothing could fully prepare them for what actually unfolds.

However, that's not Fall's headline when it comes to weirdness. The movie makes an unexpected segue into the realms of psychological horror with the reveal that Hunter actually fell to her death while attempting to reach a backpack containing the pair's water supply. Becky has been deliriously hallucinating her presence ever since, leading to an eerie aura when the audience realises she has been conversing with a dead woman all along.

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