10 Horror Movies That Were Way Weirder Than Advertised

9. Barbarian

Army Of The Dead
20th Century Studios

Promotional material for Barbarian sketched a murky picture of what to expect from the film. Hinting at ominous paranormal forces after two strangers double book the same rental property, trailers for the movie indicated a mix of Blumhouse-style horror with the a sort of urbanised take on The Descent.

That was before 2022's wackiest horror proceeded to blow the audience's collective minds with one of the most peculiar offerings in recent memory. As opposed to some vengeful ghostly entity, the film's monster is eventually unmasked as a gargantuan deformed woman, a terrifying presence haunting the tunnels under the house. However, the weirdness doesn't let up there, with the revelation of the monster's true nature following in due course.

"The Mother" is unmasked as the daughter of Frank, a serial killer who originally owned the property. This abhorrent individual abducted and assaulted local women, keeping them captive in the labyrinth beneath his home. The naked, deformed woman is a product of the murderer's incestuous predilections - her father is the true barbarian of the piece.

Sharp as a whip and consistently terrifying, Barbarian never fails to produce another unthinkable narrative turn just when you think you've seen it all.

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