10 Horror Movies That Will Make You Hate Nature

The horror films that will make you hate nature and want to stay inside forever.

Black Sheep
New Zealand Film Commission

If you've ever watched a nature documentary - especially anything featuring David Attenborough - then you'll know that nature can be a remarkable place full of wonder and beauty.

That is, at least, until it's not.

Alongside all the remarkable creatures and beautiful flora, there's also a large part of nature that specialises in being the absolute worst. Whether that be savage predators or poisonous plant life, nature has a way of reminding us that humans are very squishy - and edible - sacks of meat.

In the world of horror cinema where all of society's worst fears are brought to life in the best possible way, it's only natural that the most terrifying parts of nature are put in the spotlight for all to see.

Though the likes of Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes, Slugs, and NIght Of The Lepus were too silly to make their subject matters scary in the slightest, there are nevertheless plenty of other horrors out there which do.

If you were planning on venturing outside in the near future, these horror flicks will likely convince you to stay inside where its safe instead.

10. Black Sheep (2006)

Black Sheep
New Zealand Film Commission

New Zealand cult favourite Black Sheep may be a comedy (and a brilliant one at that), but never forget that this film managed to make sheep the star of their very own creature feature.

Written and directed by Johnathan King, this sheepish horror sees brothers Henry (Nathan Meister) and Angus (Peter Feeney) come to inherit their parents' sheep farm. Henry has a crippling phobia of the animals after a traumatic experience when he was younger. Meanwhile, Angus has been conducting genetic experiments on the animals, turning them into rabid carnivores.

When environmental activists release one of the genetically modified animals, chaos breaks loose when the mutation spreads amongst the herd. A horde of newly-infected sheep flock to the farm, and it's up to the ensemble cast to find a way to survive the grizzly onslaught that follows.

Alongside the loving homages to Night Of The Living Dead and joyous sense of humour, Black Sheep bolsters some seriously impressive practical effects which come to us curtesy of Weta Workshop.

Black Sheep is a hilarious and gory Kiwi gem. It's also the only film that's successfully made sheep scary.


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